The word CMS is better known as a Content Management System. A CMS is a piece of software, often written in PHP which makes to a very easy way to manage a website or portal. Using an elaborate ‘ backend ‘ pages, menus, the user himself can texts, add and create content and other things. Previously, it was necessary for any change or new page to write a script, with a CMS is something for you.

No longer necessary with a CMS website builder

it is possible to maintain an own site without Web Builder and create. Often has a CMS a WYSIWYG editor. The full name is What you see is What you get editor. The text or page to be found in this editor creates is so whatever you see on the website. This allows you to easily build your website with this handy editor, add pictures and use nice additional plugins.

A CMS is suitable for.

A CMS is mainly suitable for Web sites that often new content added daily changes in word and be applied. Examples include weblogs, websites of car salesmen or news websites. Also is a CMS ideal for people who have minimal experience with building a website or do it for the first time.

Top 5 most used CMS systems

obviously there is a top 5 most used CMS systems. Not every CMS system is so convenient or fine than the other. Each system has its advantages and disadvantages and is often easier to use than the other. We have made an overview of the top 5 most used CMS systems. Of course we write here also daily tips, manuals, news and tricks for which you can find on our website.

1. WordPress
2. Joomla 
3. Drupal
4. Magento
5. CMS Made Simple

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