Sub Domain or Sub Directory?

There has continuously been plenty of speak around victimisation subdomains or subdirectories once making new pages on people’s websites. Thus before we tend to step into the war between Sub Domains and Sub Directories, let’s get to understand them initial.

The name System (DNS) features a tree structure or hierarchy, with every node on the tree being a website name. A subdomain may be a domain that’s a part of a bigger domain; the sole domain that’s not additionally a sub-domain is that the root domain. These sub domains facilitate mostly in organizing your web site and creating on-the-spot navigation a lot of easier. as an example, in, .com is that the prime level domain whereas wordpress within the second level domain. once you produce Associate in Nursing account and maintain a diary at the web site, it provides you a ‘sub domain’ to the web site normally referred to as ‘Username’. Hence, may be a complete net address consisting of a prime level domain, second level domain furthermore as ‘yourwebsite’ because the ‘sub domain’. Since your diary will be of all and any subjects, it becomes easier for a user to search out you supported however you name your sub domain. If we’re clear with Sub Domain, let’s see what ‘Sub Directories’ area unit all regarding.

Subdirectories could discuss with folders placed directly at intervals a folder, furthermore as folders that area unit hold on in different folders at intervals a folder. for instance, the most directory of a classification system is that the root directory. Therefore, all different folders area unit subdirectories of the foundation folder. whereas hosting websites or pictures etc. on the net, Sub Directories mostly facilitate in making sub folders underneath domains to host content. Hence, sub directories area unit helpful for novice net enthusiasts WHO aim to stay things straightforward for themselves. for instance, may be a net address. And, may be a net address along side ‘about’ as a directory which may be accustomed host any content in terms of images, text, media files etc.

Now, Sub domains or Sub directories is that the question!

A decision to use either subdomains or subdirectories could arise you/your company is trying to implement and integrate a diary to their website. you’d be during a quandary over or each area unit terribly completely different|completely different} and treated terribly different.

Blog placed in Subdomain:


  • usually shorter universal resource locator than directory
  • will pass some link price back to the foundation domain through cross-linking at intervals guide and articles.
  • can do a better level of SERP saturation as search engines will rank quite the normal two listings per website – multiple pages from your root domain furthermore as your subdomain.


  • Subdomains don’t continuously inherit any or all of the positive metrics and ranking ability of their root domain (i.e. link equity, ranking equity, age advantages, etc).
  • Some subdomains get zero like the foundation domain they’re on (ex: sites like wherever anyone will produce their own subdomain and start blogging).
  • If you get arriving links to the directory of the diary, it’ll build equity for the directory. However, since it’s technically a special website, it’ll not inherently pass that juice back to the foundation domain.
  • harder to form and manage from a server perspective.

Blog placed in Subdirectory:


  • Subdirectories tend to inherent a number of the ranking advantages of the foundation domain.
  • arriving links coming back into the diary directory and/or its diary posts will build additional ranking price, page authority, and link juice for the foundation domain.
  • Utilizing the diary as a directory, you’ll use diary posts to raised enhance the foundation domain’s authority (and ranking ability) for a given topic by building hubs of content around that topic and cross-linking to key pages on the foundation.
  • Any social sharing equity is passed back to root domain.
  • Easier to prepare content at intervals the diary
  • Easier to form and manage from a server perspective.


  • Usually longer universal resource locator than subdomains
  • Authority and link equity could diminish as your get deeper into a directory structure – farther aloof from the foundation (ex:
  • Won’t have the power to attain as high A level of SERP saturation as you’d with subdomains.
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